About Millwood Lodge


History of Millwood

Millwood Lodge was originally a farmhouse, some parts dating back to the late 17th century. 

In the late 1850's the Duke of Buccleugh commissioned the building of Millwood Manor as a residence for his land and mineral agent Edward Wadham - completed in 1860.  At this time Millwood Lodge became the gate house with the addition of stables, two coach houses and above these the estate offices. Edward Wadham's diaries can been seen on lindal-in-furness.co.uk website

The Wadham family lived in the Manor until the 1940's when the only remaining member of the family died. The family had their own railway siding, remains of the line can still be seen in the woods below Millwood.  During the second world war evacuees from Germany were housed in the property, some of whom have contacted us from Canada where they have made their home.

Millwood was converted into a retirement home in the late 1950's until the late 1980's when it returned to a private house.  We purchased Millwood Lodge in 1999 when we started renovating the property. 

Millwood Manor is now two private residences.  The entrance to Millwood Lodge is the small gate where you will see our sign, the conservatory is the entrance.  It may be convenient for you to park at the front to unload your luggage, we will then direct you to the car park.

Milwood Lodge below.

front bedroom


Millwood Manor 1860s

Etching of Millwood Manor in 1860's


Some 15 years after the completion of Millwood House, as it was originally known, the right hand section was demolished and a large extension was built essentially doubling the size of the house.  The architecture of the new section was rather mundane in contrast to the gothic design of the original.  This is where the house is now divided to make two private dwellings.


Millwood Lodge is not visible being situated on the far right of the etching.